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herp derp

2011-11-20 06:04:30 by X6FlashDev

larp narf

New Name, Same User

2009-11-23 09:54:10 by X6FlashDev

I got a new name "X6 Flash Developement", but i'm keeping the same user =D

Hi all

2009-11-18 09:44:22 by X6FlashDev

Im afraid i have temporarily stopped programming H4CK2R.
I'll let you know when i'm restarting


2009-11-09 14:19:59 by X6FlashDev

Hey i have some news about H4CK2R:
1. The music is gonna be Rainfallen - Essence of Time
2. The layout will be better
That's all so far xD


2009-10-25 15:01:28 by X6FlashDev

Hey, H4CK0R is out, and it has got a score of 3.08 which im pretty satisfied with =D =D =D


2009-09-21 11:07:40 by X6FlashDev

Pong eXtreme is coming to NG in a couple of days!
Never listen to those! It's just ideas that pop into my head that i could finish, but it is a game called Hacker!

Online Highscore

2009-09-01 14:54:02 by X6FlashDev

Soon vira is gonna be updated with, online highscore and difficultys!

Vira released!

2009-08-25 13:45:57 by X6FlashDev

Vira is now 25th of August 2009 released!
It currently have 2.84/5 scores.
Anyways, my next game is "Larry the Chatbot"
EDIT 27th of August:
It's a musical game :D instead

New game coming to NG

2009-08-18 11:18:39 by X6FlashDev

Lol, it may be my first game and so, but ITS COMING TO NEWGROUNDS!
It's called Vira.